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<![CDATA[The Brand Show]]> blog/ Joining forces with retail giants, and the unassuming, The Brand Show delivers insights on current retail trends, operational challenges and shopper marketing. en thebrandshow@twowest.com Copyright 2014 2014-05-05T15:46:24+00:00 EMPTY:{empty_feed} <![CDATA[Digital Marketing for Restaurants]]> http://www.thebrandshow.com/index.php/blog/digital-marketing-for-restaurants http://www.thebrandshow.com/index.php/blog/digital-marketing-for-restaurants#When:15:46:24Z Whether you’re a small or large business owner, you’re always looking for new and exciting ways to raise awareness about your product or service. Digital couponing is quickly growing, especially via mobile transactions, and many businesses across the country have deployed online discount tactics as a way to build exposure and engage with their prospective customers.

Restaurant.com is the nation’s largest dining deals site that helps connect consumers with restaurants and vice versa. More and more consumers today prefer to purchase online deals because of the economic benefits, and because it provides the perfect opportunity to try and discover new providers at a fair and reasonable price.

Listen now as Christopher Krohn, president and chief marketing officer of Restaurant.com, shares his insights on the marketing environment within the restaurant industry.

EMPTY:{empty_feed} <![CDATA[A Place Where You Are Known]]> http://www.thebrandshow.com/index.php/blog/a-place-where-you-are-known http://www.thebrandshow.com/index.php/blog/a-place-where-you-are-known#When:14:00:12Z What does the bank of the future look like? The banking industry is rapidly evolving as customer behaviors and expectations are changing. Banks are seeking to craft environments filled with unique customer experiences by offering innovative online and mobile banking features and by also applying a more personal touch through their service representatives. The customer experience is what sets one bank apart from another; therefore, banks must engage both current and prospective customers in creative and compelling ways.

Banks that can deliver exceptional customer experiences have the power to create meaningful connections that drive revenue. Listen now as our Bank of Blue Valley guests Bob Regnier, the president, Season Lenz, the assistant vice president of marketing, and Meggin Nilssen, the vice president of treasury management and sales, share their insights into engagement banking.

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EMPTY:{empty_feed} <![CDATA[Genuine Storytelling for Brands Builds Genuine Results]]> http://www.thebrandshow.com/index.php/blog/genuine-storytelling-for-brands-builds-genuine-results http://www.thebrandshow.com/index.php/blog/genuine-storytelling-for-brands-builds-genuine-results#When:14:00:46Z It’s no secret that influence plays a significant role in business. Consumers are heavily influenced by the ones they trust when it comes to making purchasing decisions. Building and sustaining that kind of trust takes a lot of time and effort for brands. However, if businesses can tap into that level of trust with their consumers, it can be highly beneficial.

How can a brand effectively use social media sponsorship? By developing a well-thought-out influencer marketing strategy. Simply paying for a positive social media post is ineffective. Brands can use influencer marketing as a method to construct and cultivate conversations around a specific industry, product, or service. If done properly, not only could this lead to a boost in revenue, but it could also turn prospects of a brand into supporters, and consumers of a brand into ambassadors.

Listen now as Ryan Schram, the chief operating officer at IZEA, discusses the process involved with connecting brands with social media content creators and how sponsored influencer marketing has the potential to amplify a brand.

In a recent study conducted by Sensei Marketing and ArCompany, it was reported that 74 percent of marketers plan to deploy influencer marketing in the next 12 months. For 2014, how will your brand incorporate influencer marketing into its content marketing strategy efforts? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

EMPTY:{empty_feed} <![CDATA[Snow & Co.: Achieving Customer Happiness]]> http://www.thebrandshow.com/index.php/blog/snow-co.-achieving-customer-happiness http://www.thebrandshow.com/index.php/blog/snow-co.-achieving-customer-happiness#When:14:00:04Z Whether you’re grabbing happy hour drinks or seeking a place to unwind and kick off your night, Snow Co. has become the go-to spot in Kansas City for enjoying a well-crafted cocktail. The company has been able to find a niche in the market by offering a frozen twist on classic cocktails that are made with fresh-squeezed juices, handmade syrups and premium alcohol.

Listen now as Jerry Nevins, head of strategy and customer happiness at Snow & Co., shares his wisdom on the company’s entrepreneurial journey and how they stay engaged with their customer base. As a retailer, “You’re going to have your unexpectedly good days, and you’re going to have your unexpectedly bad days,” said Nevins. But if you’re going to grow your business and it’s going to thrive, you need to have perseverance. According to Nevins, “I think when we started off we thought, ‘We will come with a couple of recipes, and we’ll buy some equipment––we’ll set up a bar, and we’ll just serve that stuff.’” Unfortunately, the entrepreneurial journey is never that simplistic. Instead, the road to success can be filled with many obstacles and setbacks.

What helpful branding and marketing concepts have you learned through your own personal entrepreneurial journey? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

EMPTY:{empty_feed} <![CDATA[Black Friday Kickoff Insights]]> http://www.thebrandshow.com/index.php/blog/black-friday-kickoff-insights http://www.thebrandshow.com/index.php/blog/black-friday-kickoff-insights#When:19:30:54Z

Early store openings, special promotions and unbeatable prices put millions of Americans in the mood to shop for holiday gifts during the Thanksgiving weekend. Our retail expert, George Bird, will be giving you an inside look at Best Buy and Target.

What observations do you remember seeing from your own personal Black Friday experience? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

EMPTY:{empty_feed} <![CDATA[Brand Amplitude: Millennial Trends Shaping the Retail Environment]]> http://www.thebrandshow.com/index.php/blog/brand-amplitude-millennial-trends-shaping-the-retail-environment http://www.thebrandshow.com/index.php/blog/brand-amplitude-millennial-trends-shaping-the-retail-environment#When:19:00:43Z According to Carol Phillips, the president of Brand Amplitude, millennials are “enormously influential in terms of their behavior tends to trickle, sometimes very quickly, into the rest of the population.” The impact of millennials has pushed many companies to change the way they do business. For instance, technology and personalization build not only millennial brand loyalty, but are also key to understanding other consumer groups’ purchasing habits.

Retailers are trying to tailor the customer’s shopping experience by bringing a new level of personalization in the form of recommendations and behavioral predications. When done properly, personalization has the power to enhance an experience; however, in order to be effective, there needs to be a balance between privacy and personalization.

Tune in as Carol Phillips discusses how technology, personalization, and millennials have changed and shaped the retail environment.

We would love to hear your thoughts on which retailers have been successful in combining technology and personalization to create a unique shopping experience. Share your thoughts in the comments section below and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

EMPTY:{empty_feed} <![CDATA[Dr. Dennis Rosen: WinFluence Secrets for Success]]> http://www.thebrandshow.com/index.php/blog/dr.-dennis-rosen-winfluence-secrets-for-success http://www.thebrandshow.com/index.php/blog/dr.-dennis-rosen-winfluence-secrets-for-success#When:18:55:48Z Consumer dissatisfaction is an everyday occurrence and has the potential to damage a business’ bottom line. Businesses battle to win the hearts and minds of consumers. Dr. Dennis Rosen, the founder of WinFluence Solutions and author of the book “Create Devoted Customers: WinFluence Secrets For Immediate Customer Service Improvement,” discusses how customer satisfaction is an insufficient goal versus the aim to create customer devotion.

Within his book, Dr. Dennis Rosen outlines 26 WinFluence secrets to create customer devotion. Establishing an emotional connection with consumers is a key underlining theme of the book. According to Dr. Dennis Rosen, “Emotion is the potion that creates devotion.” Businesses that learn and adapt to treating consumers in new ways, really listening to them, building trust, showing an understanding of them, fostering inclusion, placing a high value on customer comfort, and allowing customers to witness their character can create devoted customers. 

Listen now to learn how to employ these simple and universal concepts.

Share your thoughts in the comments section below and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

EMPTY:{empty_feed} <![CDATA[Connecting with the Social Networking Bride]]> http://www.thebrandshow.com/index.php/blog/connecting-with-the-social-networking-bride http://www.thebrandshow.com/index.php/blog/connecting-with-the-social-networking-bride#When:18:50:42Z The David’s Bridal brand is built on the foundation of being the No. 1 retail seller of wedding dresses in the United States. According to Brian Beitler, chief marketing officer of David’s Bridal, “We’ve realized our vision is making dreams come true. And our goal as a brand is to be able to deliver and provide that to every customer.”

Listen to this podcast to learn how David’s Bridal has evolved their business strategy to not just encompass bridal dress preparation, but transition into an integral resource for all aspects of the wedding experience. Nearly 1 out of 3 brides will wear a gown from David’s Bridal this year. Brides will plan and chronicle all their wedding ideas with the help of social media. A recent survey conducted by David’s Bridal revealed that 59 percent of brides are using online resources like Pinterest, Facebook and blogs to search for or share wedding ideas. David’s Bridal has been able to leverage the power of Pinterest to set the tone as the go-to place for brides when it comes to visual design inspiration.

David’s Bridal seeks to become an ally and partner to brides during their wedding experience. What other retailers try to foster strong relationships with their customers? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

EMPTY:{empty_feed} <![CDATA[Service Excellence Group: Optimizing Customer Engagement]]> http://www.thebrandshow.com/index.php/blog/service-excellence-group-optimizing-customer-engagement http://www.thebrandshow.com/index.php/blog/service-excellence-group-optimizing-customer-engagement#When:19:00:30Z Many retailers seek to craft an experience their customers can revel in. Learn how Service Excellence Group, a customer service consulting firm, teaches their clients to balance the art and science of shopping. Listen now as Marci Bikshorn, CEO of Service Excellence Group, shares the secrets of tapping into your customers’ minds.

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EMPTY:{empty_feed} <![CDATA[Puente Marketing: Bridging the Gap]]> http://www.thebrandshow.com/index.php/blog/puente-marketing-bridging-the-gap http://www.thebrandshow.com/index.php/blog/puente-marketing-bridging-the-gap#When:19:00:27Z When Rob Flores reflects about being a student in college studying advertising, he often remembers a pivotal point in his education when he read a paragraph buried in an article devoted to the emerging Hispanic market. Nearly 35 years later the importance of this rising segment is now clearly visible. As the president and founder of Puente Marketing, Rob Flores works with his cliental base to build bridges between cultures, languages and generations within the Hispanic community.

According to Rob Flores, “there are a lot of companies out there who are spending more dollars trying to reach the Hispanic target. They buy Spanish language media and they spend a lot of money. Spending is one thing and creating the right message is another thing.” Culture is different for everyone, but as marketers we need to know how to understand, engage and embrace multiculturalism. Unlike past immigrants, today’s groups are not looking to melt completely into the pot, but rather transform society by maintaining and ensuring that their cultural roots are being represented.

Listen now as Rob Flores shares his insights on the Hispanic marketing sector with Two West Chief-Operating Officer David Patrick. 

We would love to hear your thoughts on what has impacted the Hispanic market sector? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.